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Tim and Sasha Earn their BH

Tim Cutter and Sasha did a great job at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club today with their BH routine. We’re looking forward to seeing this team next year when they hope to earn their IPO 1.

Tim is the training helper at Menlo Park Schutzhund Club and we highly recommend him for anyone in the Bay Area looking for schutzhund or companion training for their dog(s). He is awesome!

EXTRA kudos to Tim are also in order for his INCREDIBLE IPO 3 performance with his German Shepherd, Hektor at this same trial. He and Hektor earned scores of A98 B96 C99a! These are scores that most of us can only dream of achieving. We are super proud of you, Tim!

Here is a video of Tim and Sasha’s BH performance:

Jeanita and Magnus Earn 7th Schutzhund Level 3 Title!

Jeanita handled Magnus again today at the Way Out West Schutzhund Club trial to earn another IPO 3 title under USA judge Anne-Marie Chaffin. The team ran a beautiful track with Magnus tracking very accurately, with a slow, steady pace and following the corners “on a rail”. All his article indications were also correct. Unfortunately, a few handler errors at the articles cost them a “V” score. Handlers must pick up the article from the right side of the dog and Jeanita picked them up from the left side. We’re sure she will never forget this part of the rules! Their tracking score was 91.

During the obedience phase they had an overall spirited and high-drive performance. The team lost some significant points when an errant throw of the dumbbell resulted in Magnus coming around, rather than over the A-frame with the dumbbell, and when he went directly to the “finish” position on all the recalls (ouch). Their obedience score was 76.

Magnus’ protection routine was strong and powerful. He ran all six blinds fast, but wide. His hold and bark was very close to the helper (this is his style). Unfortunately, his chin tapped the sleeve with each bark and this was considered molesting the helper. It was entertaining to see Joel “driving” him as Magnus sets his rear down like an anchor to make the helper really work to drive him. Their protection score was 82a.

Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus on earning another title!


Jeanita Handles Magnus for his 6th Schutzhund Level 3 Title!

Magnus does it again! And this time with a different handler. Jeanita, who has never handled at a 3 level, did a great job putting another 3 title on Magnus. The team even got high in obedience at this trial. Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus!

Ascomannis Magnus Heeling
Heeling down the field.

Ascomannis Magnus Recall
Beautiful recall.

Ascomannis Magnus Retrieve
Magnus shows his good form on the dumbbell pick-up.

Ascomannis Magnus Blind Search
Running blinds.
Joel Monroe Driving Ascomannis MagnusAscomannis Magnus Stick Hits with Helper Joel Monroe
Joel driving Magnus.

Ascomannis Magnus Reporting to Judge
Reporting in to the judge.

Mishka Earns IPO 2 Title

Ann and Mishka received their IPO 2 title at the Wild West Dogsport Trial held in Delhi, CA. Mishka showed a very strong performance in the protection phase but Ann had some difficulty getting her away from the helper at times so lost some valuable points. Ted Hartman, the judge, mentioned during his critique that you don’t see many strong females like Mishka of any breed. Congratulations Ann and Mishka!Ascomannis Mishka Blind Search
Mishka being directed to Blind 6

Ascomannis Mishka with Helper Joel Monroe in Blind 6
Mishka finds the helper!

Ascomannis Mishka Hold & Bark
Nice hold and bark

Ascomannis Mishka Escape Bite with Helper Joel Monroe
Escape bite

Ascomannis Mishka Drive with Stick Hits
Drive with stick hits

Ascomannis Mishka Being Driven By Helper Joel Monroe
Another drive

Ascomannis Mishka Long Bite Catch
Long bite catch

Pako Earns IPO 1 Title

Robert and Pako earned their IPO 1 Title at the Fall Wild West Dogsport Trial. This team showed their excellent relationship during all three phases. Congratulations Robert and Pako!

Pako vom Kondorstrand Trial Track
Robert and Pako showing excellent tracking form.

Pako vom Kondorstrand Retrieving the Dumbbell
Pako coming back to the A-frame.

Pako vom Kondorstrand Retrieving Over A-Frame
Pako over the A-frame.

Pako vom Kondorstrand with Handler Robert
Pako presenting the dumbbell.

Pako vom Kondorstrand Send-Out
Great shot of Pako FLYING down field for send-out.

Pako vom Kondorstrand Trial Hold & Bark
Pako’s very convincing hold and bark; unfortunately, using his foot as an added measure to hold back the helper is considered “molesting”. It was, however, a crowd-pleaser!

Pako vom Kondorstrand Trial Escape Bite
Nice full grip on escape bite!

Pako vom Kondorstrand Trial Guard of Helper Joel Monroe
Excellent, non-distracted guard after the escape bite.

Pako vom Kondorstrand Trial Long Bite
Action shot of long bite.

Nikko Earns 96a in Protection at his first trial!

Ann and Nikko earned the high protection score at the Wild West Dogsport Trial with a 96 “V” score! Ascomannis Nikko Trial Blind Search
Nikko running to Blind 6

Ascomannis Nikko Escape Bite
Ascomannis Nikko Trial Escape Bite on Helper Joel Monroe

Ascomannis Nikko Trial Escape Bite Full Grip
Escape bite series -- note full grip throughout.

Ascomannis Nikko Trial Drive with Stick Hits

Ascomannis Nikko Trial Drive with Helper Joel Monroe
Drive with stick hits.

Ascomannis Nikko Trial Hold & Bark
Hold and bark.

Seven Dobermanns Will Participate in Wild West Dogsport Fall Trial

The DVG trial will be held at the Big Valley Dog Training facility in Delhi, CA on Saturday and Sunday, October 13th and 14th. Ted Hartman is the judge.

The dobermann entries and titles they will attempt are:
Ascomannis Nikko -- Tracking 1 and Protection 1
Pako vom Kondorstrand -- IPO 1
Ascomannis Mishka -- IPO 2
Fenja vom Landgraf -- IPO 2
Ascomannis Magnus -- IPO 3
Conrad vom Sturmhunde -- BH
Marshall -- BH

We wish everyone in the trial the best of luck -- especially the seven dobermann entries! We’re still hoping for a trial with a baker’s dozen dobermann entries.

Doberstock 4 a big success!

The fourth annual “Doberstock” Workshop at the Big Valley Dog Training facility in Delhi, CA was great fun and was successful in preparing Collective dogs for the Wild West Dogsport Trial on the Saturday and Sunday immediately following the workshop. Tim Cutter, the helper-trainer at Menlo Park Schutzhund Club was this year’s guest speaker. Tim provided excellent information on the hows, whys, and whens to use what he calls “active” vs “passive” training techniques in obedience. His demonstrations using his two intact adult males (a GSD and a Dobermann) were nothing short of astounding.

Thank you Joel and Tim for the great information, training, and coaching you helped us with during the workshop. You are both awesome!

T-Litter Kondorstrand Pups Join Their New Families

Congratulations to everyone who has their new pup! We have pictures of several of the new owners with their new charges below. Those who are not pictured yet: Feather, who will be doing schutzhund with Tatia (Rick-Rack Collar girl) at Wild West Dogsport; Abby, who will be pursuing a schutzhund career at Wild West Dogsport with Tristan (Blue-Collar boy); Tracie in Sierra Vista with Tango (Pink Collar Girl) who will be doing Schutzhund with the Diamondback Schutzhund Club in Arizona; Weston, who will be training for schutzhund at Way Out West Schutzhund Club in Delhi; and Ann, who will be training at Wild West Dogsport with Turner (Maroon-Collar boy). Best wishes to all!

Turbo vom Kondorstrand
Miguel and Mariam will be pursuing a Schutzhund career at Wild West Dogsport with their boy Turbo (was Tea-Collar)

Tasha vom Kondorstrand
Bernardo and his son, Alex, will be pursuing a Schutzhund career at Wild West Dogsport with their girl Tasha (was Gold-Collar)

Tova vom Kondorstrand
John and his wife, Gloria, will be pursuing a Schutzhund career with their boy Tova (was Red-Collar) at Way Out West Schutzhund Club

Tyra vom Kondorstrand
Loyd with Tyra (was Green-Collar Girl) will be pursuing a Schutzhund career at Wild West Dogsport Club

Taiga vom Kondorstrand
Dan in Iowa, who has titled many breeds in Schutzhund, with his boy Taiga (Yellow-Collar boy) posing with his great-granddaughter D’yana; he is super excited about the potential for future competition with his new Dobermann prospect.

T-Litter Kondorstrand Pups at 7 Weeks

Thanks to Madyson, who is also a fantastic assistant track-layer, for helping out with this photo shoot. It wasn’t easy getting the pups to behave and show their best side, but she did a GREAT job!

Turner vom Kondorstrand and Tango vom Kondorstrand
Maroon Collar Boy (Turner) and Pink Collar Girl (Tango)

Tempest vom Kondorstrand and Tasha vom Kondorstrand
Red-Stripe Collar Girl (Tempest) and Gold Collar Girl (Tasha)

Tova vom Kondorstrand and Tyra vom Kondorstrand
Red Collar Boy (Tova) and Green Collar Girl (Tyra)

Taiga vom Kondorstrand and Tatia vom Kondorstrand
Yellow Collar Boy (Taiga), Rick Rack Girl (Tatia)

Turbo vom Kondorstrand and Tristan vom Kondorstrand
Tea Collar Boy (Turbo) and Blue Collar Boy (Tristan)

Torque vom Kondorstrand
Turquoise Collar Boy (Torque)

Rest Time for vom Kondorstrand T-Litter at 6 Weeks old

T-Litter vom Kondorstrand 6 Weeks Old

T-Litter vom Kondorstrand
Here’s a puppy spatial acuity puzzle -- see if you can find all eleven pups in this picture!

vom Kondorstrand T-Litter Doing Their Bear Cub Impersonations at 5 Weeks

Tyra vom Kondorstrand
Tyra (Green Collar Girl)

Tova vom Kondorstrand
Tova (Red Collar Boy)

Tango vom Kondorstrand
Tango (Pink Collar Girl)

Turner vom Kondorstrand
Turner (Maroon Collar Boy)

Tasha vom Kondorstrand
Tasha (Gold Collar Girl)

Turbo vom Kondorstrand
Turbo (Tea Collar Boy)

Tempest vom Kondorstrand
Tempest (Red Stripe Girl)

Tristan vom Kondorstrand
Tristan (Blue Collar Boy)

Tatia vom Kondorstrand
Tatia (Rick Rack Collar Girl)

Torque vom Kondorstrand
Torque (Turquoise Collar Boy)

Taiga vom Kondorstrand
Taiga (Yellow Collar Boy)


The Faces of the vom Kondorstrand T-Litter at 4 Weeks

Tango vom Kondorstrand
Pink Collar Girl (Tango) -- PLLEEASE...Don’t let the sea of pink fool you -- I’m one tough cookie!

Taiga vom Kondorstrand
Yellow Collar Boy (Taiga) -- This is all awfully bright! I think I need some cool shades -- designer brands only, of course.

Tyra vom Kondorstrand
Green-Collar Girl (Tyra) -- How’s this for an impression of my Dad smiling?

Tova vom Kondorstrand
Red Collar Boy (Tova) -- I dare say I am a SLY and HANDSOME devil, aren’t I?

Tatia vom Kondorstrand
RickRack Collar Girl (Tatia) -- This is my shy and demure look; method acting works!

Tristan vom Kondorstrand
Blue Collar Boy (Tristan) -- Just wait until I find out who chose this “baby” blue color for my theme -- meet me at the schutzhund field in 2 years!

Tempest vom Kondorstrand
Red-Stripe Collar Girl (Tempest) -- STOP.... You paparazzi cannot take my picture!

Torque vom Kondorstrand
Turquoise Collar Boy (Torque) -- Hey Barista... I feel so relaxed I think I’ll have a Goat’s Milk Frappuccino warmed to my exact body temperature!

Tasha vom Kondorstrand
Gold-Collar Girl (Tasha) -- Can you believe this manicure my breeder gave me? NO TIP!

Turner vom Kondorstrand
Maroon Collar Boy (Turner) -- Move aside, Hugh Jackman, I’m the new heart-throb in town!

Turbo vom Kondorstrand
Tea-Collar Boy (Turbo) -- And here’s what I think about these silly, “cutesy” photo shoots; has someone forgotten we’re working pups? Help us, Joel!

Congratulations to Joel and Shocks for winning the USCA IPO 3 NW Regional Championships!

Fantastic job, Joel and Shocks with scores of A93 B96 C96a for an overall score of 285! Congratulations also to all who competed, especially the two dobermann entries -- Marie Miller with Incredible Chanel and Dino Tomassi with Eika vom Landgraf. We applaud your participation!

Joel Monroe and Shocks Win USCA IPO 3 NW Regional Championship

vom kondorstrand T-litter achieves the near impossible -- an 11 pup, double-decker conga line!

They said it couldn’t be done... but Dobermann Working Kennel vom Kondorstrand achieved an 11 pup conga line at only 18 days old! Congratulations on what we expect to be a great litter.T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Conga Line

Bayla at Training

Blue Wave's Bayla Hold & Bark on Helper Joel Monroe

Blue Wave's Bayla Rounds Blind 6

Aluna at Training (6 months)

Aluna showing some nice drive.Aluna vom Schwarzen Gold 6 Months Old

Aluna vom Schwarzen Gold 6 Months with Toy

Nikko at Training

Thanks to Susan S. for these great shots of Nikko while at training today.Ascomannis Nikko RunningAscomannis Nikko Training Hold & BarkAscomannis Nikko Training Escape Bite

Adux at 6 months

Again, thanks to Susan S. for taking these wonderful photos during training yesterday.Adux vom Schwarzen Gold Training at 6 Months
Adux vom Schwarzen Gold 6 Months Grip


Stazi Hold and Bark

Thanks to Susan S. for this fantastic picture of Stazi at training yesterday!

Stazi vom Kondorstrand Training Hold & Bark

vom Kondorstrand "T" Litter Born Today!

The parents of this litter are Usa vom Eschenbruch x Paisley vom Kondorstrand. Paisley gave birth today to 11 healthy babies -- 6 males and 5 females! Even though Paisley is very tired, she took to mothering like a pro and is taking good care of her pups. They are all black as she is dominant black. Congratulations to Kennel vom Kondorstrand!T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Day of Birth

Magnus Earns 5th Schutzhund 3 Title

Ann and Magnus showed at the Way Out West Trial in Delhi, CA. They received scores of A84 B80 C88 for a total score of 252. Two other dobermanns earned BHs at the trial. Congratulations to Eric and Avon and Joel and Matzy for their beautiful BH performances.

Paisley Pregnancy Confirmed

Another Collective litter is on its way with the news that Paisley vom Kondorstrand is confirmed pregnant. The sire of the litter is Usa vom Eschenbruch. The pups are due the latter part of August, 2012. See our litter page for more information about this exciting combination.

Ann and Magnus take 3rd place at DVG Northwest IPO Regional Championship

Congratulations to Ann and Magnus for their third place finish at the 2012 Western Regionals in Salem, Oregon with scores of: Tracking 96, Obedience 90, Protection 94 for a total of 280. This is Magnus’ fourth level 3 title. Ann would like to thank Joel Monroe for his excellent training and coaching of this team and Jeanita D. for her invaluable assistance at the trial.

First place went to Ugne Schmitt-Sody with her Malinois Stormvagel’s Ayla Jay. What a wonderful team these two were. They posted scores of A97 B97 C98 for a total of 292. Second place went to Shade Whitesel with her German Shepherd Reiki vom Aegis. Another incredible team with a perfect score in tracking! They posted scores of A100 B96 C94 for a total of 290. Congratulations Ugne and Shade!Ascomannis Magnus 3rd Place DVG Western Regionals

Abby with her new ear postings (3 months)

Abby vom Schwarzen Gold Ears Posted

William and Quazi earn their BH

Congratulations to William and Quazi for earning their BH at the Wild West Dogsport Trial in Delano, CA. You two are an awesome team (and handsome too)!

Quazi Landgraf vom Kondorstrand with William

Paige and Panzer earn their IPO 1

Congratulations to Paige and Panzer for earning their IPO 1 at the Wild West Dogsport Trial in Delano, CA. Your heeling was absolutely beautiful and your 96 “V” score in protection was awesome. You two rock!

Magnus earns IPO 3

Congratulations to Ann and Magnus for earning their IPO 3 at the Wild West Dogsport Trial in Delano, CA with a 96 “V” score in protection. They received their highest score to date: A94 B91 C96 for a total of 281. Now Magnus has a SchH 3, VPG 3, and IPO 3. They are looking forward now to going to the DVG Western Regionals in Oregon next month.

Magnus x Nova litter born on Valentine's Day!

We have a Valentine’s litter! The Magnus x Nova pups were born this morning to working dobermann kennel vom Schwarzen Gold. There are 5 healthy and hungry little tykes, four girls (3 black/1brown) and one boy (black). Nova is being a great mom and they’re all eating voraciously. Congratulations to Jeanita on a super nice litter.

A-Litter Schwarzen Gold 3 Days Old