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Tracie and Tango earn BH in Tucson!

Congratulations to Tracie and Tango for earning their BH! We are super proud of you both. Tracie, as a new handler you are doing a great job and we love that you always talk about how much fun you are having with Tango. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 5.06.52 AM

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 5.08.54 AM

V-Litter's Excellent Sleeping Skills at 3 Weeks

Pink Collar Girl discovers her brother is a nice headrest.

V-Black Girl Sleeping
Must be a “girl thing” -- this girl made similar use of their other brother.

DSC06371 - Version 2
Boys don’t need headrests -- they just sleep nose-to-nose.

V-Litter Faces at 2 1/2 Weeks

Red Collar Boy

Black Girl

V-Litter Green Collar Sly
Green Collar Boy

V-Litter Brown Girl
Brown Girl

vom Kondorstrand "V" litter has arrived!

The parents of this litter are Ascomannis Magnus x Shelby vom Kondorstrand. Shelby gave birth today to 4 healthy babies -- 2 males and 2 females! Both males are brown and there is one brown and one black female. This is Shelby’s first litter and she is doing a great job taking care of her pups. Congratulations to Kennel vom Kondorstrand!


Uno is now in Finland!

We are very happy to report that Uno has successfully made the long journey from California to Finland to be with Hannele. She plans many fun things for him, including swimming in the many lakes near her home, tracking with her training group, sledding in the winters, and IPO. We wish you all the best, Hannele, with this boy. Welcome to the Working Dobermann Collective!

Here is Uno’s “passport” photo:

And here he is getting his first “taste” of his new country straight off the plane:

The Passing of James Martin

It is with extreme sadness that we share the passing on July 24, 2013 of our good friend and dog lover, James Martin. We will always remember James for the big smile he always had when working with his dobermann, Ascomannis Nigel. The pride in his voice when he spoke of his dogs left no doubt how important they were in his life. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family. We will miss you, James!

We Share Mr. Dirk Vandecasteele's Dream...

This is a wonderful video of Mr. Dirk Vandecasteele, the Vice President of the IFR (International Federation of Rottweilerfriends), making an impassioned plea to Judges, Breeders, and Owners of rottweilers worldwide to remember that rottweilers are first and foremost a WORKING BREED. He made this speech at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 IPO Rottweiler World Championship.

The members of the Working Dobermann Collective have the EXACT SAME SENTIMENTS for our breed. Bravo, Mr Vandecasteele!

Uno's Video!

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re just minding your own business and staying out of trouble when all of a sudden, you’re expected to save the world? I thought that was reserved for super-heroes, not dobermann puppies. Up until I met my arch-nemesis, the most challenging dilemma put before me was how to get around the faucet spigot while doing my best balancing on the narrow concrete band around my yard!

But then I saw those beady eyes and the awful body covered in hair that moved with the breeze. I’ll never forget that moment -- I saw my life flash before my eyes... But, luckily, since I was just shy of 5 weeks old and my eyes didn’t open until I was almost 2 weeks old and I couldn’t hear until a few days after that, the flash only lasted a nanosecond with images of just three things: the wondrous milk bar, my Mom, and sleeping with my fuzzy fake littermate. Unfortunately, I think you will agree that was not much of an experience base to prepare me for the challenge ahead.

Since I am a working dog, albeit young, my genetics told me how important it was to stand my ground, be courageous, and let the enemy know I was a formidable adversary. I’ll let you decide, after watching my video, how I did...

-- Uno vom Kondorstrand


Uno at 4 1/2 Weeks Old

Handsome Boy
Uno showing off his “best side”

Angry about getting his picture taken -- Enough!

Happy 11th Birthday to Gabi and Hella!

Big hugs to Gabi and Hella from all the humans and dogs in the Working Dobermann Collective on their 11th birthday! Although they actually turned 11 at the end of March, we didn’t have current pictures then so we are announcing the event now. These two old girls were born one day apart in 2002 and bred by Lisa Popplevig of Ascomannis Working Dobermann Kennel. Both are doing great. We give our heartfelt thanks to these wonderful foundation bitches; they have provided us with amazing doberkids!
Hella Smiling

Gabi at 11
Wow, Gabi has so little grey!

Gabi Side View at 11
Gabi Side View

Hella looking regal!

Uno at 3 1/2 Weeks Old

At the “milk bar” with Nikita, his Mom

Tugging the ear of one of his “litter mates”

Cutely posing for the camera -- what a ham!

Look at all those eyes!

Uno sleeping with his favorite shaggy litter-mate

DVG Western Region Championship and Club Trial

2013 DVG Western KG Regional Championship April 27-28, 2013
Hosted by Wild West Dogsport, Bakersfield, CA
Championship Helpers: Tim Cutter IPO 1-2 & IPO3 Back Half, Steve Parsons IPO3 Front Half

2013 DVG Western Region Championship Results
Wild West Dogsport April 2013 Trial Results

Regional Judges and Dobe Participants

Jeanita and Magnus Earn 9th Consecutive IPO 3 Title and a First Place Finish at the DVG Western Region Championship at 7 1/2 Years Old!

SUPER congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus for winning the 2013 DVG Western Region Championship! This team posted scores of A97 B81 C87. Additional kudos are in order for Magnus earning NINE consecutive IPO 3 titles! Congratulations Jeanita and Magnus!

Ascomannis Magnus at Trial Running Blinds
Magnus running blinds

Ascomannis Magnus Trial Hold and Bark on Helper Steve Parsons
Hold and bark on helper Steve Parsons

Ascomannis Magnus and Jeanita Waiting for Long Bite
Waiting downfield for release to long bite

Ascomannis Magnus Trial Drive on Helper Tim Cutter
Drive with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Magnus Watching Helper
Magnus more interested in getting to the helper than with news that he won the Championship!

Ann and Mishka Earn IPO 3 Title at DVG Western Region Championship

Ann and Mishka did a great job at the DVG Western Region Championship earning scores of A83 B81 C94. This team earned the helpers’ choice award. Congratulations Ann and Mishka!Ascomannis Mishka Running Blinds at Trial
Mishka running blinds

Ascomannis Mishka Trial Hold and Bark
Hold and bark up close and personal

Ascomannis Mishka Trial Drive with Helper Steve Parsons
Drive with helper Steve Parsons

Ascomannis Mishka with Ann Before Long Bite
Not exactly “calmly” waiting for long bite

Ascomannis Mishka Long Bite with Helper Tim Cutter
Long bite catch with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Mishka Trial Drive with Helper Tim Cutter
Drive with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Mishka Trial Stick Hits with Helper Tim Cutter
Stick hits with helper Tim Cutter

Feather and Usa Earn 5th IPO 3 Title at DVG Western Region Championship

Feather and Usa did a great job at the DVG Western Region Championship earning scores of A88 B83 C90. This team earned the high obedience award and an overall third place finish. Congratulations Feather and Usa!Usa vom Eschenbruch Running Blinds at Trial
Usa running blinds

Usa vom Eschenbruch Trial Side Transport
Beautiful position for transport back to the judge

Usa von Eschenbruch Trial Drive with Big Grip
Usa’s crushing full grip during the drive with helper Steve Parsons

Ann and Nikko Earn IPO 1 at DVG Western Region Championship with High Protection 95a!

Ann and Nikko did a great job on their IPO 1 today with scores of A95 B82 C95 for a total of 272. This team received the high protection score of the competition. Congratulations Ann and Nikko!
Ascomannis Nikko Trial Hold & Bark with Helper Tim Cutter
Hold and bark on helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Nikko Waiting for Long Bite
Set for the long bite

Ascomannis Nikko Running Downfield for Long Bite
Running downfield for long bite with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Nikko Long Bite with Helper Tim Cutter
Long bite catch with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Nikko Trial Drive with Helper Tim Cutter
Final drive with helper Tim Cutter

Mark and Shelby Earn their BH!

Mark and Shelby earned their BH today at the Wild West Dogsport Trial under DVG Judge Ann Dolan. Congratulations!

Ann and Paisley Earn their BH!

Ann and Paisley earned their BH today at the Wild West Dogsport Trial under DVG Judge Ann Dolan. Congratulations!

Jeanita and Magnus Earn 8th Consecutive Level 3 Title!

Jeanita and Magnus trialed again today at the Way Out West Schutzhund Club and earned another IPO 3 title under USA judge Frank Phillips. The team ran a nice track earning a score of 92.

They lost points during the obedience phase when Magnus decided to do automatic finishes on ALL the recalls and veer toward Blind 1 on the send-out. He also required two down commands on the send-out. Their obedience score was 83.

Magnus’ protection routine started with missing blinds 4 and 5 during the blind search. He was strong and powerful in the hold and bark was again very close to the helper and lost points for “molesting the helper.” Their protection score was 85a.

Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus on earning another title!