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Announcing New Litters

V-Litter's Excellent Sleeping Skills at 3 Weeks

Pink Collar Girl discovers her brother is a nice headrest.

V-Black Girl Sleeping
Must be a “girl thing” -- this girl made similar use of their other brother.

DSC06371 - Version 2
Boys don’t need headrests -- they just sleep nose-to-nose.

V-Litter Faces at 2 1/2 Weeks

Red Collar Boy

Black Girl

V-Litter Green Collar Sly
Green Collar Boy

V-Litter Brown Girl
Brown Girl

vom Kondorstrand "V" litter has arrived!

The parents of this litter are Ascomannis Magnus x Shelby vom Kondorstrand. Shelby gave birth today to 4 healthy babies -- 2 males and 2 females! Both males are brown and there is one brown and one black female. This is Shelby’s first litter and she is doing a great job taking care of her pups. Congratulations to Kennel vom Kondorstrand!


vom kondorstrand T-litter achieves the near impossible -- an 11 pup, double-decker conga line!

They said it couldn’t be done... but Dobermann Working Kennel vom Kondorstrand achieved an 11 pup conga line at only 18 days old! Congratulations on what we expect to be a great litter.T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Conga Line

vom Kondorstrand "T" Litter Born Today!

The parents of this litter are Usa vom Eschenbruch x Paisley vom Kondorstrand. Paisley gave birth today to 11 healthy babies -- 6 males and 5 females! Even though Paisley is very tired, she took to mothering like a pro and is taking good care of her pups. They are all black as she is dominant black. Congratulations to Kennel vom Kondorstrand!T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Day of Birth

Paisley Pregnancy Confirmed

Another Collective litter is on its way with the news that Paisley vom Kondorstrand is confirmed pregnant. The sire of the litter is Usa vom Eschenbruch. The pups are due the latter part of August, 2012. See our litter page for more information about this exciting combination.

Magnus x Nova litter born on Valentine's Day!

We have a Valentine’s litter! The Magnus x Nova pups were born this morning to working dobermann kennel vom Schwarzen Gold. There are 5 healthy and hungry little tykes, four girls (3 black/1brown) and one boy (black). Nova is being a great mom and they’re all eating voraciously. Congratulations to Jeanita on a super nice litter.

A-Litter Schwarzen Gold 3 Days Old