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The Passing of James Martin

It is with extreme sadness that we share the passing on July 24, 2013 of our good friend and dog lover, James Martin. We will always remember James for the big smile he always had when working with his dobermann, Ascomannis Nigel. The pride in his voice when he spoke of his dogs left no doubt how important they were in his life. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family. We will miss you, James!

The end of an era…Brixi Germania, SchH 2... February 13, 1998 – January 15, 2010

Less than 30 days before her 12th Birthday Brixi Germania was laid to rest. Brixi was a great team mate, a wonderful mother, and a funny girl who was happy as long as she had a soft bed to lay on and a ball in her mouth. As many of us know, the B litter Germania was a very special litter that led many of us into the sport of Schutzhund. As a result of this litter we have some amazing dogs. Steph thanks everyone who played a part of Brixi’s life. “Lisa Poppelvig, for creating such an amazing dog for me to love, Britt Coffman for sharing so much knowledge and love of dobermanns, Joel Monroe for loving the working ability of these dogs as much as we do, and most importantly, Ann Boyce for being our partner in sport, our shoulder when we had to say goodbye, and a tireless protector of these lines. Thanks for your efforts to keep them alive through Astro and Bayla…and thank you Ann for bringing the most amazing friends into my life.”

Below are a few pictures of Brixi and friends. The brown dog laying next to her is Eiko. The picture with the wood fence is of Brixi and her sister Bascha at their 11th birthday. The little girl in the picture petting Brixi is Steph’s daughter Megan. The pics of Megan and Brixi and Steph and Brixi were of her last night with them. 

Brixi Germania 11 Years Old
Brixi Germania 4 Years OldBrixi Germania and StephBrixi Germania BiteBrixi Germania Hold & BarkBrixi Trial DriveBrixi Germania and Bascha Germania 11 Year BirthdayBrixi Germania & Eiko GermaniaBrixi Germania on CouchBrixi Germania 11 Years 11 MonthsBrixi Germania 11 Years with Megan