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We Share Mr. Dirk Vandecasteele's Dream...

This is a wonderful video of Mr. Dirk Vandecasteele, the Vice President of the IFR (International Federation of Rottweilerfriends), making an impassioned plea to Judges, Breeders, and Owners of rottweilers worldwide to remember that rottweilers are first and foremost a WORKING BREED. He made this speech at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 IPO Rottweiler World Championship.

The members of the Working Dobermann Collective have the EXACT SAME SENTIMENTS for our breed. Bravo, Mr Vandecasteele!

Uno's Video!

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re just minding your own business and staying out of trouble when all of a sudden, you’re expected to save the world? I thought that was reserved for super-heroes, not dobermann puppies. Up until I met my arch-nemesis, the most challenging dilemma put before me was how to get around the faucet spigot while doing my best balancing on the narrow concrete band around my yard!

But then I saw those beady eyes and the awful body covered in hair that moved with the breeze. I’ll never forget that moment -- I saw my life flash before my eyes... But, luckily, since I was just shy of 5 weeks old and my eyes didn’t open until I was almost 2 weeks old and I couldn’t hear until a few days after that, the flash only lasted a nanosecond with images of just three things: the wondrous milk bar, my Mom, and sleeping with my fuzzy fake littermate. Unfortunately, I think you will agree that was not much of an experience base to prepare me for the challenge ahead.

Since I am a working dog, albeit young, my genetics told me how important it was to stand my ground, be courageous, and let the enemy know I was a formidable adversary. I’ll let you decide, after watching my video, how I did...

-- Uno vom Kondorstrand


Tim and Sasha Earn their BH

Tim Cutter and Sasha did a great job at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club today with their BH routine. We’re looking forward to seeing this team next year when they hope to earn their IPO 1.

Tim is the training helper at Menlo Park Schutzhund Club and we highly recommend him for anyone in the Bay Area looking for schutzhund or companion training for their dog(s). He is awesome!

EXTRA kudos to Tim are also in order for his INCREDIBLE IPO 3 performance with his German Shepherd, Hektor at this same trial. He and Hektor earned scores of A98 B96 C99a! These are scores that most of us can only dream of achieving. We are super proud of you, Tim!

Here is a video of Tim and Sasha’s BH performance:

Mr. Murphy video makes us smile

This is a great video of a great trainer and a small dog with lots of heart.