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Jeanita and Magnus Earn 9th Consecutive IPO 3 Title and a First Place Finish at the DVG Western Region Championship at 7 1/2 Years Old!

SUPER congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus for winning the 2013 DVG Western Region Championship! This team posted scores of A97 B81 C87. Additional kudos are in order for Magnus earning NINE consecutive IPO 3 titles! Congratulations Jeanita and Magnus!

Ascomannis Magnus at Trial Running Blinds
Magnus running blinds

Ascomannis Magnus Trial Hold and Bark on Helper Steve Parsons
Hold and bark on helper Steve Parsons

Ascomannis Magnus and Jeanita Waiting for Long Bite
Waiting downfield for release to long bite

Ascomannis Magnus Trial Drive on Helper Tim Cutter
Drive with helper Tim Cutter

Ascomannis Magnus Watching Helper
Magnus more interested in getting to the helper than with news that he won the Championship!

DVG Western Region Championship and Club Trial

2013 DVG Western KG Regional Championship April 27-28, 2013
Hosted by Wild West Dogsport, Bakersfield, CA
Championship Helpers: Tim Cutter IPO 1-2 & IPO3 Back Half, Steve Parsons IPO3 Front Half

2013 DVG Western Region Championship Results
Wild West Dogsport April 2013 Trial Results

Regional Judges and Dobe Participants

Jeanita and Magnus Earn 8th Consecutive Level 3 Title!

Jeanita and Magnus trialed again today at the Way Out West Schutzhund Club and earned another IPO 3 title under USA judge Frank Phillips. The team ran a nice track earning a score of 92.

They lost points during the obedience phase when Magnus decided to do automatic finishes on ALL the recalls and veer toward Blind 1 on the send-out. He also required two down commands on the send-out. Their obedience score was 83.

Magnus’ protection routine started with missing blinds 4 and 5 during the blind search. He was strong and powerful in the hold and bark was again very close to the helper and lost points for “molesting the helper.” Their protection score was 85a.

Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus on earning another title!

Jeanita and Magnus Earn 7th Schutzhund Level 3 Title!

Jeanita handled Magnus again today at the Way Out West Schutzhund Club trial to earn another IPO 3 title under USA judge Anne-Marie Chaffin. The team ran a beautiful track with Magnus tracking very accurately, with a slow, steady pace and following the corners “on a rail”. All his article indications were also correct. Unfortunately, a few handler errors at the articles cost them a “V” score. Handlers must pick up the article from the right side of the dog and Jeanita picked them up from the left side. We’re sure she will never forget this part of the rules! Their tracking score was 91.

During the obedience phase they had an overall spirited and high-drive performance. The team lost some significant points when an errant throw of the dumbbell resulted in Magnus coming around, rather than over the A-frame with the dumbbell, and when he went directly to the “finish” position on all the recalls (ouch). Their obedience score was 76.

Magnus’ protection routine was strong and powerful. He ran all six blinds fast, but wide. His hold and bark was very close to the helper (this is his style). Unfortunately, his chin tapped the sleeve with each bark and this was considered molesting the helper. It was entertaining to see Joel “driving” him as Magnus sets his rear down like an anchor to make the helper really work to drive him. Their protection score was 82a.

Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus on earning another title!


Jeanita Handles Magnus for his 6th Schutzhund Level 3 Title!

Magnus does it again! And this time with a different handler. Jeanita, who has never handled at a 3 level, did a great job putting another 3 title on Magnus. The team even got high in obedience at this trial. Congratulations to Jeanita and Magnus!

Ascomannis Magnus Heeling
Heeling down the field.

Ascomannis Magnus Recall
Beautiful recall.

Ascomannis Magnus Retrieve
Magnus shows his good form on the dumbbell pick-up.

Ascomannis Magnus Blind Search
Running blinds.
Joel Monroe Driving Ascomannis MagnusAscomannis Magnus Stick Hits with Helper Joel Monroe
Joel driving Magnus.

Ascomannis Magnus Reporting to Judge
Reporting in to the judge.

Ann and Magnus Earn VPG 3

A big congratulations to Ann and Magnus for earning their VPG 3 with great scores of A99 B85 C96 for a total of 281 -- that’s two “V” scores!

Ann and Magnus Earn SchH 3 Title

Congrats to Ann and Magnus on earning their SchH 3 title at Way Out West Schutzhund Club with scores of A87 B82 C88. We are proud of you two!

Ann and Magnus Compete at AWDF Championships

Congratulations to Ann and Magnus for participating at the AWDF Championships. Even though the team was dismissed during protection on a restart technicality, we are super proud of them! Better luck next time...

Ann and Magnus get 97 in protection!

Unfortunately, the team did not pass tracking so could not earn their VPG title, but 97 in protection -- WOW!

Joel and Magnus earn SchH 2 with 95 in protection

Congratulations to Joel and Magnus on their new SchH 2! They earned scores of: A76 B90 C95 for a total of 261.

Joel and Magnus earn their SchH 1 with "V" in protection!

We are very proud of your scores: A96 B88 C96 for an overall 280 score. Bravo!

Ascomannis Magnus with Joel Monroe Trial Obedience

Nice Picture of Magnus Waiting on His Turn to work

Thanks to Jeynie for getting this great picture of Magnus during training at the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club.Ascomannis Magnus

Magnus Earns 5th Schutzhund 3 Title

Ann and Magnus showed at the Way Out West Trial in Delhi, CA. They received scores of A84 B80 C88 for a total score of 252. Two other dobermanns earned BHs at the trial. Congratulations to Eric and Avon and Joel and Matzy for their beautiful BH performances.

Magnus earns IPO 3

Congratulations to Ann and Magnus for earning their IPO 3 at the Wild West Dogsport Trial in Delano, CA with a 96 “V” score in protection. They received their highest score to date: A94 B91 C96 for a total of 281. Now Magnus has a SchH 3, VPG 3, and IPO 3. They are looking forward now to going to the DVG Western Regionals in Oregon next month.

Magnus x Nova litter born on Valentine's Day!

We have a Valentine’s litter! The Magnus x Nova pups were born this morning to working dobermann kennel vom Schwarzen Gold. There are 5 healthy and hungry little tykes, four girls (3 black/1brown) and one boy (black). Nova is being a great mom and they’re all eating voraciously. Congratulations to Jeanita on a super nice litter.

A-Litter Schwarzen Gold 3 Days Old

Ann and Magnus take 3rd place at DVG Northwest IPO Regional Championship

Congratulations to Ann and Magnus for their third place finish at the 2012 Western Regionals in Salem, Oregon with scores of: Tracking 96, Obedience 90, Protection 94 for a total of 280. This is Magnus’ fourth level 3 title. Ann would like to thank Joel Monroe for his excellent training and coaching of this team and Jeanita D. for her invaluable assistance at the trial.

First place went to Ugne Schmitt-Sody with her Malinois Stormvagel’s Ayla Jay. What a wonderful team these two were. They posted scores of A97 B97 C98 for a total of 292. Second place went to Shade Whitesel with her German Shepherd Reiki vom Aegis. Another incredible team with a perfect score in tracking! They posted scores of A100 B96 C94 for a total of 290. Congratulations Ugne and Shade!Ascomannis Magnus 3rd Place DVG Western Regionals