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Uno vom Kondorstrand

Uno is now in Finland!

We are very happy to report that Uno has successfully made the long journey from California to Finland to be with Hannele. She plans many fun things for him, including swimming in the many lakes near her home, tracking with her training group, sledding in the winters, and IPO. We wish you all the best, Hannele, with this boy. Welcome to the Working Dobermann Collective!

Here is Uno’s “passport” photo:

And here he is getting his first “taste” of his new country straight off the plane:

Uno's Video!

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re just minding your own business and staying out of trouble when all of a sudden, you’re expected to save the world? I thought that was reserved for super-heroes, not dobermann puppies. Up until I met my arch-nemesis, the most challenging dilemma put before me was how to get around the faucet spigot while doing my best balancing on the narrow concrete band around my yard!

But then I saw those beady eyes and the awful body covered in hair that moved with the breeze. I’ll never forget that moment -- I saw my life flash before my eyes... But, luckily, since I was just shy of 5 weeks old and my eyes didn’t open until I was almost 2 weeks old and I couldn’t hear until a few days after that, the flash only lasted a nanosecond with images of just three things: the wondrous milk bar, my Mom, and sleeping with my fuzzy fake littermate. Unfortunately, I think you will agree that was not much of an experience base to prepare me for the challenge ahead.

Since I am a working dog, albeit young, my genetics told me how important it was to stand my ground, be courageous, and let the enemy know I was a formidable adversary. I’ll let you decide, after watching my video, how I did...

-- Uno vom Kondorstrand


Uno at 4 1/2 Weeks Old

Handsome Boy
Uno showing off his “best side”

Angry about getting his picture taken -- Enough!

Uno at 3 1/2 Weeks Old

At the “milk bar” with Nikita, his Mom

Tugging the ear of one of his “litter mates”

Cutely posing for the camera -- what a ham!

Look at all those eyes!

Uno sleeping with his favorite shaggy litter-mate