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Usa vom Eschenbruch

Feather and Usa Earn 5th IPO 3 Title at DVG Western Region Championship

Feather and Usa did a great job at the DVG Western Region Championship earning scores of A88 B83 C90. This team earned the high obedience award and an overall third place finish. Congratulations Feather and Usa!Usa vom Eschenbruch Running Blinds at Trial
Usa running blinds

Usa vom Eschenbruch Trial Side Transport
Beautiful position for transport back to the judge

Usa von Eschenbruch Trial Drive with Big Grip
Usa’s crushing full grip during the drive with helper Steve Parsons

DVG Western Region Championship and Club Trial

2013 DVG Western KG Regional Championship April 27-28, 2013
Hosted by Wild West Dogsport, Bakersfield, CA
Championship Helpers: Tim Cutter IPO 1-2 & IPO3 Back Half, Steve Parsons IPO3 Front Half

2013 DVG Western Region Championship Results
Wild West Dogsport April 2013 Trial Results

Regional Judges and Dobe Participants

vom kondorstrand T-litter achieves the near impossible -- an 11 pup, double-decker conga line!

They said it couldn’t be done... but Dobermann Working Kennel vom Kondorstrand achieved an 11 pup conga line at only 18 days old! Congratulations on what we expect to be a great litter.T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Conga Line

vom Kondorstrand "T" Litter Born Today!

The parents of this litter are Usa vom Eschenbruch x Paisley vom Kondorstrand. Paisley gave birth today to 11 healthy babies -- 6 males and 5 females! Even though Paisley is very tired, she took to mothering like a pro and is taking good care of her pups. They are all black as she is dominant black. Congratulations to Kennel vom Kondorstrand!T-Litter vom Kondorstrand Day of Birth

Feather and Usa Earn French Ring Brevet

Congratulations to Feather and Usa for earning their French Ring Brevet at the Southern California All Breed Ringers Club. What a great accomplishment to put a Brevet on a multiple schutzhund 3 dobermann!

Feather and Usa earn O3P3 Title

Congratulations to Feather and Usa for their OB3P3 title with a 96 in protection.

Feather and Usa participate at Schutzhund USA Regionals

We want to congratulate Feather and Usa for participating at this regional event. Even though they did not have a good day this time, and did not pass, we are proud that they entered. Better luck next time!

Feather and Usa Make Cover of DVG Magazine


Feather and Usa Come in 2nd at DVG Western Regional Championship

Coast Schutzhund came in second -- Regional Event

Feather and Usa Earn IPO 3

Congratulations to Feather and Usa for obtaining their IPO 3 at the Wild West Dogsport Club trial in Delano, CA.

Feather and Usa Earn SchH 3

Congratulations to Feather and Usa for obtaining their SchH 3 at the USA Schutzhund Way Out West Club trial in Delhi, CA.USA trial WOW

Feather and Usa earn SchH 3 with 96 in protection


Feather and Usa earn SchH 3 at Way Out West Trial

Congratulations to Feather and Usa on getting your Schutzhund 3! We’re very proud of you.

Paisley Pregnancy Confirmed

Another Collective litter is on its way with the news that Paisley vom Kondorstrand is confirmed pregnant. The sire of the litter is Usa vom Eschenbruch. The pups are due the latter part of August, 2012. See our litter page for more information about this exciting combination.